NJ Races

Whether you are already getting your miles in every week or just starting to think about running, this list could be just the motivation you need to sign up for an upcoming race!

Young Entrepreneurs Series: Julia’s Ties for a Cure

As the second installment of an important series, I am excited to introduce you to 10 year old, Julia Gunselman. Julia is the owner of Julia’s Ties For a Cure! Her mission is to sell hair ties to raise money for Type 1 Diabetic research and to help people understand what T1D is.

How to Prepare Your Finances for Divorce

Going through a divorce can be confusing and overwhelming. Let our friends Lyons & Associates, P.C. help you navigate this process with these great tips on how to be properly prepared.

The Benefits of Being a Multi-Sport Athlete

Recent studies are finding that this early hyper-specialization can cause burn out and injuries, which can lead to fewer children participating in sports. A growing body of research finds that in order to create healthy, well-developed athletes, kids should play more than one sport during their formative years up to twelve years of age. This is the driving force behind why ESF’s re-imagined sports camp, SportsLab, Powered by Under Armour, focuses on providing a multi-sport platform for its campers.

Nonprofit Spotlight: Bee You Yoga

As a kick off to this important series, we are excited to introduce you to Bee You Yoga & Wellness. Bee You Wellness Inc, is a 501c3 not for profit, and the yoga studio is Bee You Yoga & Wellness. Their mission is to provide a safe nurturing environment for long term recovery using the techniques of yoga, bodywork therapies and community for holistic approach to wellness.

Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Spring cleaning can feel like a daunting task. Tackle one project at a time and focus on seasonal de-cluttering. Here are some easy tips and tricks!

Young Entrepreneurs Series: Homemade Happiness by Leah

Welcome to The Denville Moms Network Young Entrepreneurs Spotlight Series As a kick off to this important series, I am excited to introduce you to Leah Berzak, founder and owner of Homemade Happiness by Leah. I first found Leah on The Purple Aardvark Instagram when...

Easy Floral Cocktails for Mother’s Day—Or Any Day!

Whether you’re hosting a Mother’s Day brunch this year, or simply want to toast to yourself, we can’t think of a better cocktail to do it with than these Mother’s Day Floral Cocktails from The Local Moms Network contributor Domestikated Life.

Mac & Mia: High-Quality Kids Clothes, Delivered to Your Door

Marie Tillman was, like all of us, a busy mom who wanted to spend more time with her five children—and less time running errands. One of her major challenges? Finding high-quality, beautiful clothing for her kids (now 17, 16, 14, 7 and 5). In 2014, she decided to fill the void she saw in the market by a clothing subscription service. She combined her son’s name Mac, with the name he would have been called had he been a girl, Mia–and Mac & Mia was born.

10 Symptoms Busy Moms Shouldn’t Ignore

Moms have a really bad habit of putting everyone else first. When it comes to keeping our families healthy, we rarely miss a kids’ pediatrician well visit, and if a little one gets sick? We move heaven and earth to make sure they feel better, ASAP. A husband goes down with the flu? We’re making (or buying…) organic chicken noodle soup and making sure he gets to the doctor. But when it comes to our own health….we can be pretty negligent.

How to Travel with Kids: A Guide

Traveling with kids is just that—relocating with your children. In other words, it’s a trip, not a vacation. Once you realize that and accept that your time away will look a little different than it did pre-kids, what are some ways to ensure more fun and less meltdowns (from them and you…)? To help, The Local Moms Network turned to Carri Willbanks who is a travel blogger with, as well as host on Comcast and segment expert for AOL and MSN. She’s also a mom of one son, Everett (19 months). We asked Carri for her tried-and-true advice, from how to survive the plane flight to her favorite kid-friendly destination.

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